gigs production since 2007 ‡ brussels, belgium

booking/info: +32486986161

technical/medias: +32474573055



VK* concerts

BOYL Residents:

Anais Mims


Buzz On Your Lips has been merrily organising parties and concerts in the Belgian scene since 2007, regularly hosting a sharp, varied and daring line up.  We like live music and to promote new music and emerging artists from the Belgian and international scene.


▲▲▲ They played for Buzz On Your Lips ▲▲▲


Crystal Castles [can], Kele (Bloc Party) [uk], Pantha du Prince [de], Venetian Snares [can], ADULT. [usa], Cult Of Luna [sw] (x2), Nosaj Thing [us] (x2), Death In June [uk], Prefuse 73 [usa], Lali Puna [ger], Chris Clark [uk], Matthew Dear [us], Sexy Sushi [fr] (x3), Kid606 [usa] (x3), Kap Bambino [fr] (x4), Austra [can], Dan Deacon [usa], Otto Von Schirach [usa] (x3), Otto Von Schirach vs. Gabe Serbian [usa], Bonobo [uk], Chelsea Wolfe [usa], Tr/st [can] (x2), Matt Black (Coldcut) [uk], Dälek (us), Foals dj set [uk], HEALTH [usa], Caribou dj set [can], Dirty Beaches [can], Master Musicians of Bukkake [us], Daedelus [usa], Cold Cave [usa] (x2), Anika [uk], James Pants [usa], Dat Politics [fr], Made Out Of Babies [usa], Wild Nothing [usa], Amen Dunes [usa], Xiu Xiu Larsen [usa/ita], Damien Dubrovnik [dk], Wolves In The Throne Room [usa], Psychic Ills [usa], Crocodiles [usa], Gatekeeper [usa], oOoOO [usa], Iceage [dk], This Will Destroy You [usa], Perc [uk], Fujiya & Miyagi [uk], Dopethrone [can], Free The Robots [us], How To Dress Well [usa], No Age [usa], Retox [usa], Factory Floor [uk], Cult of Youth [usa], Lust for Youth [dk/sw], Rome [lux], Unfact aka David Sims from The Jesus Lizard [usa], d’Eon [can], Barn Owl [usa], Rainbow Arabia [usa], Aidan Baker [can], Teebs [usa], Holograms [sw] (x3), Felix Kubin [de], Young Magic [usa], Mono/Poly [us], Senser [uk], Blackbird Blackbird [usa], Noveller [usa], Gnod [uk], Dragged Into Sunlight [uk], Rainbow Arabia [usa], Gull [usa], Burial Hex [usa], Robots in Disguise dj set [uk] (x2), Xiu Xiu + Eugène Robinson (Oxbow) [usa], Thisquietarmy [can], Maybeshewill [uk], The Casualties [usa], Led Er Est [usa], Boxcutter [uk], Cremation Lily [uk], Death in Rome [de], Blouse [usa], Bosco Delrey [usa], Tonstartssbandht [usa], Olugbenga (Metronomy dj set) [uk], Widowspeak [usa], Amen Ra, Kickback [fr] (x2), Dream Boat [usa], Loscil [can], Lorn [usa] (x2), Girl Unit [uk], Charanjit Singh [ind], Doomsday Student (ex Arab on Radar) [usa], Shigeto [usa], Ritualz [mex] (x2), Holy Strays [fr], Drumcorps [usa], Hessian, Enduser [usa] (x4), Teeth of The Sea [uk], Narrows [usa], Dj Skull Vomit [usa] (x3), DatA [fr], White Lies dj set [uk], Dj Donna Summer [usa], CVLTS [usa], Sabrepulse [uk], DMX Krew [uk], Bong-Ra [nl] (x2), Mushy [ita], Tokyo Sex Destruction [es], Jeremiah Jae [usa] (x2), dDamage [fr] (x2), Covox [sw] (x7), Igorrr [fr], Moodie Black [usa], FFF [nl], Waxdolls (x2), Qoso [fr] (x2), UV Pop [uk], Frank Alpine [usa], dDash [fr), Duran Duran Duran [usa], Leonard De Leonard [fr], Gurt [uk], Raketkanon (x2), Modern Witch [us/nl], Sewn Leather [usa], King Dude [usa], Knifehandchop [can] (x3), Hunter as a Horse [uk], Teen [usa], Play Paul [fr], Noblesse Oblige [uk], Kitbuilders [ger], Rotator [fr] (x3), Dimlite [ch], Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons dj set) [uk], Din Stalker [sw], Part Chimp [uk], Heirs [aussie], Black Elk [usa], Goto80 [sw], Nadja [can], Aux Raus [nl] (x2), You Love Her Coz She’s Dead [uk], U.S. Christmas [usa], CHVE, Radar Men From The Moon [nl], Year Of No Light [fr], Sleep Party People [dk], Gum Takes Tooth [uk] (x2), Les Trucs [ger] (x3), Guns Of Brixton [fr], Jerry Paper [usa], Geste [fr], Seirom [nl], Sun Glitters [lux] (x3), Marc Nostromo, Anavan [usa], Xanopticon [usa], Puce Mary [dk], Detect [fr], Schwefelgelb [ger], Subjex [fr], Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya [uk], Mater Suspiria Vision [afg] (x2), Fangs (ex Motormark) [uk], Chevalier Avant Garde [can], Sickboy (x7), Vandal X, Droon (x5), I Am Un Chien [fr], Sim#6 [fr] (x2), Je Deviens Dj En 3 Jours [fr], Mr. Kindhoover [fr], Tep [fr], Osni [fr], Iroha [uk], Ozwald, We Are Enfant Terrible [fr], Blutch, Bossk [uk], Delta Topco, Red Stars Over Tokyo, Cercueil [fr], Length of Time, Oathbreaker (x2), Daggers, Santa Karla [uk], Bloodshot, Cupp Cave, Wume [usa], Le Baron5, Aderlating ft. Gnaw Their Tongues [nl] (x2), Three Cheers For Dirty [fr], Infants [uk], Ben Et Béné [fr], General Lee [fr] (x2), Ania Et Le Programmeur [ger] (x2), Haring, Pilöt [fr], Kingdom (x3), Deer (x2), Ed Wood Jr [fr], Guernica, Cecilia::Eyes, Kanji Kinetic [uk], Genuine Guy [uk], Ghettonuns [can], Reno, The Link, Kid Strike, Jean Biche, La Biur, The Guilty Brothers Experience, Acid Machine, Alkerdeel, Beach, Surge of Fury, Unhappybirthday [de], Bitchfits [usa], Discoballistic, Duflan Duflan, El Dinah, Miaux, Baxter Lilly, Elektrash , Fractional, Fuel In Sekt [fr], Mongolito, Rape Blossoms, Whispering Sons, Les Panties, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Charnier, Melatonini, Magdalena Solis, Echo Beatty, Luik, Genjini [fr], Tex Taiwan, ShoeShine, Dreamboy, Phonetics, Osica, Grindlock, Gtronic, Jamie Hatkins, Konimix, Leviathan, LSB Superstar, Martha La Duchesse [fr], M.e.r.s, Mich (Hitch), Nanophonyk, Hell*Zo, Zazou, Sebastien Rien, Natsuko, Immigrants, Max Le Daron, Y|R, Shiru, Fady One, Mad Dam, Dragan Markovic, Nell, Alex Nilson [fr], Nocid, Cheesy Cliché, Not*so*many*DJ’s, Odilon, Parodick Rivers, Radio Tuxedo, Skull, Shepherd, Snooba, Solariumface, Stel-R, Yeti Popstar, Ascii Witchcraft, Hive Destruction, Siamese Queens, Excuseexcuse, One Ethic, Frederick Riche, Suicide Boys, Hosmoz, Elodie, J-Error, Tzii, Suture, Boysgame, Divag [fr], Galimatias Projekt, Dream Beverly Hills, Xeroderman, Luna Violenta, Vincent Satan, Jeanmichel Dan, The Krooker, Touffels, Nitro, Panzerkust, Yes But Now, and – unfortunately – Jef Barbara [can].


▲▲▲ We had collaborations with them ▲▲▲

Toutpartout, Beursschouwburg, Doomsday Festival, Energy Union, En Musiq Simone, Chic & Cheap, Cheap Satanism, Hulapop, Silenceless, Losange Productions, Bankizz, Timeless Network, Mad About Music, Recyclart, Hexagen, Nuit Blanche, Ateliers Claus, Vk*.


▲▲▲ past gigs ▲▲▲

19/05/07: Recyclart, Brussels    05/10/07: Magasin 4, Brussels
19/10/07: La Bodega, Brussels   13/11/07: Biouel Boat, Brussels

16/11/07: Factory, Liège                     17/11/07: Magasin 4, Brussels
24/11/07: Recyclart, Brussels           09/01/08: Botanique, Brussels
08/03/08: Factory, Liège                    04/04/08: Factory, Liège
18/04/08: Factory, Liège                    28/06/08: Inside Out, Liège
19/08/08: DNA, Brussels                     24/10/08: DNA, Brussels
31/10/08: Relais Tir, Brussels           10/01/09: Inside Out, Liège
27/01/09: DNA, Brussels                    13/02/09: Recyclart, Brussels
10/03/09: Recyclart, Brussels          11/04/09: Recyclart, Brussels
23/04/09: DNA, Brussels                    15/05/09: Inside Out, Liège
04/07/09: La Tentation, Brussels   14/10/09: DNA, Brussels
16/10/09: Inside Out, Liège               17/10/09: Kultuurkaffee, Brussels
29/10/09: DNA, Brussels                    12/11/09: DNA, Brussels
26/11/09: DNA, Brussels                     16/01/10: Magasin 4, Brussels
09/02/10: DNA, Brussels                     06/03/10: Relais Tir, Brussels
10/03/10: DNA, Brussels                     19/03/10: Recyclart, Brussels
01/05/10: Magasin 4, Brussels          23/07/10: DNA, Brussels
30/07/10: Recyclart, Brussels          18/09/10: DNA, Brussels
01/10/10: DNA, Brussels                     09/10/10: DNA, Brussels
15/10/10: Kultuurkaffee, Brussels   25/10/10: Magasin 4, Brussels
30/10/10: DNA, Brussels                      12/11/10: DNA, Brussels
16/11/10: DNA, Brussels                        27/11/10: Magasin 4, Brussels
14/12/10: DNA, Brussels                       14/01/11: Secret Place, Brussels
07/03/11: Inside Out, Liège                25/03/11: Steelgate, Brussels
14/04/11: Mirano Continental, Bsl   22/04/11: Chic & Cheap, Liège
03/05/11: DNA, Brussels                      03/06/11: Mirano Continental, Brussels
23/06/11: DNA, Brussels                       24/06/11: Mirano Continental, Brussels
06/08/11: Magic Mirrors, Brussels  03/09/11: LR6, Brussels
15/09/11: Fuse, Brussels                    15/10/11: Magic Mirrors, Brussels
04/11/11: Steelgate, Brussels               06/12/11: Bonnefooi, Brussels
03/05/12: Dexia Art Center, Bsl      19/05/12: Mr Wong, Brussels
10/06/12: Vk*, Brussels                        26/06/12: Ateliers Claus, Brussels
09/09/12: Ateliers Claus, Brussels   20/09/12: Fuse, Brussels
06/10/12: Galeries (Nuit Blanche), Brussels 21/10/12: Ateliers Claus, Bsl
04/11/12: Magasin 4, Brussels          28/11/12: Beursschouwburg,  Bsl
01/12/12: Magasin 4, Brussels          15/12/12: Inside Out, Liège
12/01/13: DNA, Brussels                     03/02/13: Ateliers Claus, Bsl
17/02/13: Ateliers Claus, Bsl              05/03/13: Ateliers Claus, Bsl
10/03/13: Ateliers Claus, Bsl              24/03/13: Vk*, Brussels
30/03/13: Ateliers Claus, Bsl              05/04/13: Beursschouwburg, Bsl
13/04/13: Magasin 4, Bsl                      23/04/13: Ateliers Claus, Bsl
25/04/13: LR6, Brussels                       18/05/13: Magasin 4, Bsl
23/05/13: Bonnefooi, Bsl                     24/05/13: Vk*, Bsl
30/05/13: Magasin 4, Bsl                     29/06/13: Inside Out, Liège
20/07/13: DNA, Bsl                                02/08/13: Le Brass, Bsl
07/08/13: DNA, Bsl                                06/09/13: Madame Moustache, Bsl
16/10/13: Beursschowuburg, Bsl      25/10/13: Beursschouwburg, Bsl
16/11/13: Inside Out, Liège                  28/11/13: DNA, Bsl
29/11/13: DNA, Bsl                                   30/11/13: Le Brass, Bsl
30/01/14: Beursschouwburg, Bsl      26/03/14: Beursschouwburg, Bsl
02/05/14: DNA, Bsl                                 14/05/14: DNA, Bsl
30/05/14: Salle Rogier, Bsl                  31/05/14: Salle Rogier & DNA, Bsl
17/06/14: Le Brass, Bsl                           21/06/14: DNA, Bsl
15/07/14: DNA, Bsl                                   13/08/14: Le Brass, Bsl
26/10/14: Le Brass, Bsl                           01/02/15: Le Brass, Bsl
03/05/15: VK*, Bsl                                    21/06/15: VK*, Bsl
10/10/15: Bsb, Bsl                                      22/10/15: Le Brass, Bsl
24/01/16: Le Brass, Bsl                            12/02/16: Bsb, Bsl
12/10/16: Stuk, Leuven                           14/10/16: Zodiak club, Leuven


-More info: click here for Press file


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